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Our Viticulture Philosophy

At Cape Naturaliste Vineyard, we’re driven by our dedication to offer boutique wines of the highest quality. Our approach is based on biodynamics, and we endeavour to use organic techniques and products wherever possible. We use sea-based fertilizers that are tailor made to suit our vines. The emulsion is undiluted and contains all the essential elements and nutrients that our vines require. We also apply NASAA accredited, certified organic compost to improve soil health and ultimately to assist us to produce premium quality of fruit.

The vineyard's undulating topography provides optimal drainage. This is an important factor to control the vigour of the vines. Water is supplied from a natural spring fed soak on the property, to ease the thirst of the vines in the early part of the season and post harvest, although some of our vine blocks are dry grown due to the presence of underground springs. The intensity of the fruit flavours are further enhanced by fruit exposure, limiting bunches per vine, shoot thinning and discarding any bunches that don’t complete veraison. Cover crops of oats, rye grass, clovers, barley and turnips have been rotated over the years together with the broad acre spreading of compost.

Vines are a natural choice for this area, preserving the beauty of our valley. Our limestone and rich alluvial soils together with our philosophy towards natural farming techniques and restoring the native vegetation along our watercourses, makes our vineyard one of the most reliable producers of premium wine grapes, as well as one of most picturesque properties in the district.

Cape Naturaliste Vineyard was planted in 1997 by the owner, Craig Brent-White, who purchased the land in 1980. Craig and his wife Jennifer oversee and carry out the day to day operations of the vineyard to this day. Their passion and dedication ensures a level of quality in both wines and service that is unsurpassed.

Our Wines
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